LX3 Review By Richard Butler

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Re: You may be wrong there

Entropius wrote:

The FZ50 sensor was also no slouch, about the same well capacity
and photon capturing efficiency per area as the D3, less read noise than
the G9 even though it was more patterned. It was held back by the
Venus 3 engine for those shooting JPEG.

The FZ50 suffers badly from pattern read noise?

Now, now, I didn't say "suffered badly" did I?
It was the opinion of John Sheehy who owns both.

I suppose I don't shoot at high enough ISO's to notice the read noise.

Right. How about ISO 10,000?

It's mind boggling the see the effect of virtually single photons in that image!
The noise texture has a pattern of short horizontal streaks.

I want separate NR settings for chroma and luminance, please.

Yes, I'm all for that.

Just my two oere
Erik from Sweden

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