D700 vs 5DII vs A900

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Re: my thoughts

harold1968 wrote:

but all the FF lenses work on 1.3x cameras ?
Nikon gives you the option to use a DX lens on a FF camera with the
centre crop and 5mp. What a waste of time, you can't seriously tell
me anyone who has just splashed out on the D700 will use DX lenses.

more pixels and similar noise levels is advantageous.

I do agree that 12mp is probably ok and the nikon low light is

However if the Nikon and Canon get to the same price, its a no
brainer for Canon IMHO.

I do think the D700 will come down to compete with the 5DII however.
The A900 will be the hardest hit with average noise, no live view and
no video (I don't care about video but it will get on everyones tick
list soon). Which is why the A900 might be a bargain in the new year.

I wait until the beginning of next year to buy my A900

David bo

David Pastern wrote:

Why is 12mp not enough? People have happily lived with either that
many mp, or less, for a good number of digital years now, without
issue. There's an old UNIX saying:

less is more

and that, imho, about sums it up. Canon and others get into big
"I've got more MPs than you" fights, at the ultimate expense of image
quality. So far, imho, Nikon has to be applauded for its courage to
create a "low" mp camera, focusing on quality pixels.

Science does NOT change just because Canon says so. Noise will
always be higher for smaller pixels, it's a fact of nature.
Smaller pixels also create problems with the COC (circle of
confusion), and also cause diffraction issues at higher f stops.

You don't need more than 12mp. It's overkill. And for those that
want to bash this post, I was saying this 2 or 3 years ago, when
Canon introduced the 1Ds Mark II. I just didn't "jump on the
bandwagon" post D3 release.

One thing ires me about Canon - they make ef-s lenses for the aps-c
cameras, normal ef lenses work on full frame, but the 1.3x crop 1D
Mark * series cameras have no bonuses. Canon doesn't make wider
lenses that are non ef-s for these cameras. And normal ef lenses
lose out vs full frame. I find it annoying that the consumers get a
better choice than the pros in terms of lens capability, it's
idiotic. Basically, Canon has said a bit STFU to those 1.3x crop
users who might want to do landscapes and cityscapes.


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