50D: DPP vs ACR - you decide (with examples)

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good point Gene; trying to standardise

Hawkman wrote:

That is the biggest contributor I have seen to ACR noise -
saturation. Reduce the saturation in ACR to DP saturation levels and
the noise is much better.

nevertheless again I will say I am surprised to see that ACR seems to
be as good as, or better, than dpp in these samples.

Hi Gene. You make a good point about saturation levels and the effect they have on visible noise (chroma noise). Regardless of which RAW converter does what, it demonstrates the difficulty in standardising when trying to compare results.

Z (is real) wrote:

I've explained that if you do not try to get saturation close, the
test is invalid. One way to reduce chroma noise is to either
selectively or globally reduce saturation at high ISOs. There is an
obvious saturation difference between the Camera Raw and DPP shots is
there not?

Noise levels are quite close to my eye to begin with on the candy
shots. There is a hair bit more contrast and a noticeable amount more
saturation on the Camera Raw shots.


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