D700 vs 5DII vs A900

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Re: downsizing is totally wrong

harold1968 wrote:

it just gives the lower MP camera an advantage
I don't know why you are pushing this
its plain and simple wrong.

Maybe you have the wrong concept in this, the lower mpx camera is not getting and advantage, the oposite, because the camera with more megapixels has more color information.

printing out to a5 would be quite a good test

Why do you think that A5 is quite good?... for the D700 comparison the comparison should be in ISO paper sizes: B4

another one is to take the same picture with a 12mp and a 24mp
camera, and blow up a detail in the centre of the frame to 1 pixel
per screen pixel. This would quickly show the detail difference

I don't know how do you arrive at this conclusion because is totally wrong.

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