D700 vs 5DII vs A900

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Re: Never upsize for the comparison

Downsizing is not only "fair", it is what is routinely done every time you have noise in a system.

To be clear: imagine you have some series of numbers and they are affected by some "noise", i.e. they have a sort of random oscillation about their theoretical value. If you make an average with two or more of those numbers the noise of the averaged numbers is suppressed respect to the noise of the original ones (technically the noise is suppressed by a factor 1/Sqrt[N] where N is the number of numbers you are averaging over).

So yes, it is totally correct to downsize (actually averaging) when comparing a higher MP camera to a lower MP one. Upsizing instead (as already pointed out by another poster) makes little sense because you are literaly inventing numbers out of nothing, Technically you are just interpolating and therefore the information content does not change at all by upsizing.

Hope this is clear, it is rather standard statistical analysis actually...

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