High ISO:Get a life

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High ISO:Get a life

Perhaps a redundant post; I didn't check:

I'm tired of reading all this stuff on high ISO noise of the 50D.

I'm an amateur photographer since 45 (yes 45) years.

45 years ago you did 50/100 ASA; 20 years ago you did 400 and you experimented with 800.

For a long period the Nikon 801 was my favorite camera.
When going Digital I switched to Canon as

  • the lens portfolio of Canon was not only better than Nikon but also a lot cheaper.

  • I liked the processing potential of the Canon gear.

  • Indeed my Canon 10D, 20D, 40D gave me some ease when shooting concerts which I do say 5% of my time.

But I'm not going to make a buy/no buy decision on a 3.200 parameter which I will/could need at the max 5% of my time.

OK; I'm not a PRO shooting weddings in unfavorable conditions but the 50D is also not a PRO camera.

I don't agree with the conclusions of the review on this site but for a different reason.

I'm a scuba diver. At my age, I really adventure below 25 meters. So I don't care about a negative review of a camera housing that can't go below say 30 meters. How easy it is to use under water matters; not the 30 meters.

So, look at the system and what it does for you; not at a single aspect that may make you miss .5% of your pictures but you still have 99.5% pure pleasure.

Sorry if by this mail I've upset some people.

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