Epson r1400 with cis-whats your experience?

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Re: Epson 1400 Hinge Retainer

I use both InkJetFly's BigFoot and X1 CIS on my Epson 1400 and R280. Both CIS's are performing great. Leo from IJF has bent over backwards with his support on question, concerns and providing free profiles.

As with all CIS's, using custom a profile for each paper type is a must to insure proper color output and frequent use or periodic test prints equates to no clogging.

I feel they have a superior product design and the CPC control provides me with nearly care free and absolutely height adjustment free operation.

I have found two important thinks to consider before going the CIS (any CIS) path...
1. choose your printer carefully

Some printer manufacturers are making some printers harder to have completely automatic chip reset operation requiring some manual intervention. The current Epson 1400 does not have that problem. However, the R280 requires manually lifting the lid and pressing a switch attached to the installed CIS cartridge pack.

2. The ink tube harness can stick to itself during printing operations.

Under some installation conditions, as the print head moves back and forth, the soft folded tubing harness can stick to itself momentarily causing a momentary interruption in the free movement of the print head. I have solved this problem by applying a small amount of lubricant to the tubing. I used axle grease. Just make sure the lubricant you are using does no interact with tubing.

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