D700 vs 5DII vs A900

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Re: my thoughts A900

I'll probably pick up a medium format film camera one day, and probably a 8 x 10 Toyo as well for landscapes. Medium format digital is just soooo expensive Speaking of which (and off topic), I love the idea of the new Leica 8.2, but damn, at 8 grand Aussie or so, it's just not affordable...I'd really love Voigtlander to bring out a digital rangefinder! I like the idea of medium format for portraiture, rangefinder for candids/street shots, and large format for landscape shots.

Back on topic, if Sony can make it so that NR is not permanently on (idiotic idea that should never have made it to a production release camera in the first place lol), that's an improvement. Noise is a serious issue though, and Sony would have been far better off doing a lower MP sensor and improving/working on noise issues. There's an old saying:

Quality over quantity.

It's very true in every aspect. The 5D Mark II is a very good camera, and it's positive to see Canon equalling what Nikon is doing, but I prefer 1 series cameras for a variety of reasons, and I honestly feel that 21mp is just overkill. I'd rather have seen a 12 or so mp + crop sensor. Nikon really does have the right idea.

If you can afford that blad, my hats off to you!

btw, top of the day to you!


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