Can D90 be set to meter like D200?

Started Nov 4, 2008 | Discussions thread
Thomas Comerford Veteran Member • Posts: 9,745
Re: the answer to YOUR queston

What the OP is asking is whether or not the D90 can be set to meter like the D200, and it can't. Fine tuning the exposure does help, but it doesn't change the behaviour of the metering.

liv2paddle wrote:

I am sure all of the above answers are correct but they failed to
answer YOUR question YES you can fine tune the D90's meter..and its
done in a submenu(d4) can actually tone down the as
not to have to constantly be using the exposure comp button as in the
D80. I have set mine to -1/6 and it seems to have fixed the overblown
highlights! If I need more tweaking I use the exposure comp as
needed..but at least I am not fighting the camera on all shots.

Good luck

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