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Hi there!

This post goes out to those who had cast an eye on the SX10 IS. These very people who had (be true to yourself folks) no real alternative and wanted the SX10 IS not to suck to feel better about the inevitable purchase ; )
That's how I would have considered myself.

Now I got the cam and let me tell you this:

Yes, it does have a slow lens (it even reaches f5 pretty soon). Yes, the wheel could have been better off with little knobs or something. And yes, it's somewhat heavy.

However, screw all this. I love this camera. I love the feel of it, I love the look, I love the handling - the cam is great.

Judging from the posts I've been reading here, I thought the wheel would be completely unusable. In fact, it's absolutely OK. Could've been better, as said above, but meets my needs! Slow lens? Hey, someone else show me 28mm-560mm! Could-have, If and Should-Be will not be dining with us this evening -> folks, be content with what Canon offered us ; )

As you might have encountered: My statements are not fortified by facts or image samples. I don't want to, anybody could do this better than me. I just wanted to tell you -> if you're no pro (then again you wouldn't buy this type of cam) you will be perfectly able to fall in love with this baby! It's fun to use.

For just once - forget about the many negative issues we've all been reading, and listen to a happy new owner : )

Have a nice day (and hopefully, Obama wins)*

totally unrelated, especially when coming from a German ; )

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