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Sorry oldmaster but Sergio has just tried Capture One and seems to agree with my own findings. There's no problem with sharpening etc but you just lose the MAGIC of that Fuji look when you go through third party software. I think we can all agree that the S5 Pro is THE jpeg camera and thats why Fuji have spent a lot of time making sure jpeg output is stunning. I really think you are over rating RAW results anyway for the extra workload involved. Obviously Fuji have made it very very difficult for third parties to process their RAF files. Thats why you don't get it for free included because they realise you'll soon find out you do to get the Fuji look. You don't really think I'm the first person to notice this. There are many who have found the problem. Personally I'm surprised you have'nt noticed this unless you've never used jpeg's on your S5. It's widely known that third party Raw converters have trouble with Fuji RAF files. Thats why the latest Lightroom 2 version claimed better RAF convertion and also Latest Photoshop. It's obviously done deliberately by Fuji. I'm not say the RAF file converted through Fuji Hyper Utiliy is bad but I'm saying theresults through third party software is


This page will explain everything to you concerning this problem. Basically Fuji won't pass on vital information about the problems Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One, Bibble and all the others have converting RAF files so if your not using Fujifilm HS-V3 to convert your RAF's you'll be better off shooting jpeg with the S5 and the reason poeple don't use Fujifilm HS-V3 is because its so slow and awkward but will give the best results.











Hope this has been of some help

Regards, amc123

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