D700 vs 5DII vs A900

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Re: I'm thinking ... (nt)

If I can recommend you, don't forget many other priority features like for example... focus precision.

I will not try to convince you to forget the 5D2 as I did not test it. But I have a BIG feeling as the AF system is exactly the same in the MK2... I have a very very bad experience with 5D. Even if here you will find many people saying 5D focus is perfect I can tell you that Canon focus in general is very disappointing (I deeply test an other 5D and a 1DS2 coming from CPS when mine was under repair and the "famous" problem of front or back focus, especially with lenses like 135L (lens I love), was identical or even worse, yes worse !

And I can add that I just met 2 weeks ago a pro sport photographer in Paris who explained me that after a long time fighting against a very poor AF result with 1D2 and 1D3 (yes also 1D2), he decided to sell everything from Canon to buy a D3 + D300 for his job.

Here is a pdf which clearly explain the Canon focus limit (I will not say any more “problem” because Canon DON’T want te recognize it as a problem). You will see some very good focus results but also MANY VERY bad photos taken during the same day in the same place with the same guys etc.

You need to trust your tool especially when you try to reach beautiful bokeh…

I was a BIG Canon supporter from my first Digital camera (D30). But now it‘s OVER.

Good luck in you decision and don’t forget one last thing, it’s more or less like a marriage, it’s always painful to divorce from a Camera brand.

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