D700 vs 5DII vs A900

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Re: D700 vs 5DII vs A900

fudgebrown wrote:

The D700 is a refined, sharp,

Not quite as sharp as the > 3 years old EOS 5D.

superb cam

Hm. Nicely built. Lots of menu items. Built-in level scale. No quickly accessible custom memories that can override everything. Aperture on most lenses can't be changed during DOF preview. No spot metering while AE-Lock is engaged (only available on the Sony). No manual exposure shifting (again, not on the Canon either, but on the Sony). How do you define "superb"?

with features that will blow your mind...

I'd rather use my mind for taking photos ...

Fact is all of today's cameras will soon look pretty old.

So if you don't need to shine with your latest and greatest gadget it may be wiser to invest in what serves you best NOW instead of trying to get the most expensive body you just barely can afford (except, of course, this is exactly the choice that truly serves you best today).

Btw. I always cover the prism housings and badges of my cameras with black gaffer tape, especially while they are new. A truly multifunctional protection.

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