D700 vs 5DII vs A900

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Re: D700 vs 5DII vs A900

If I would be in your situation, I would get a 5DI with 24-105mm and grip.

The Sony seems too noisy for low light images. The new 5DII if this is a choice for you too, will produce equal if not better high ISO images than the D700. The old reliable 5DI is a very good camera and good to start with and the price is very low for the kit at the moment.



harold1968 wrote:

Guys/Gals give me your comments on this often thought and much
debated topic.

I want to buy a FF camera, lets not debate that for the moment
I am not rich and will probably get one quality lens.
I currently have Canon APS-C stock. I have no beef with Canon but
upgrading to FF will require new lenses which means I might as well
consider all the options.

I will be taking hand-held indoor pictures in low-light, as well as
landscapes. Don't really care about sports/birding type pictures.

All these cameras seem to be excellent (reviews on 5DII still to
come, however as it is based on 1DsIII sensor I am not worried about

I would like to have IS/VR as it will give me more flexibility with
exposure options in low light.

I would probably get these combinations:
1. Nikon D700 with 105mmVR
2. Canon 5DII with 24-105mm (I have 50mm Canon already)
3. Sony A900 with 28-70mm Tamron or Sony 135mm

D700 is king of low noise but not sure that this makes a mass of
difference with 5DII even if 1 stop difference.
I would prefer more mega-pixels but don't think that 12mp will
restrict me too much.

I really can't make a decision. my budget is £2,000.
I am tempted to go with Nikon as the quality (camera and IQ) is
proven. But feel the Canon will be a better overall package for me,
but at least £300 more (although bizarrely cheaper in the USA).
I like the fact that the sony has in-built IS, but I think it is
over-priced. I could wait until it comes down to £1,500, which i am
sure it will after new year.

What do you guys think ?

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