DPReview thumbs down for 50D, so what?

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DPReview thumbs down for 50D, so what?

Why should I care?

The camera gives me breathtaking detail, look here at this photograph taken hand-held:

full image resized

[url= http://imageshack.us][img=http://img384.imageshack.us/img384/7190/3whole2yo4.jpg][/url]

100% detail crop:

[url= http://imageshack.us][img=http://img152.imageshack.us/img152/9301/cropap1or0.jpg][/url]

I really don't care if the reviewer speaks of lower image quality, because I KNOW the kind of images that this camera is giving to me.

Of course I used a top quality lens (Zeiss Planar 1.4/50). The fact that the camera requires best quality lenses to deliver all it's good can not be seen as a shortcoming. There are plenty of lower resolution cameras on the market for people who wants to stay with low quality lenses.

I only feel sorry for those people who will decide to not buy a 50D because of this review. I do because I also own the 5D, and I can tell you that the kind of image quality that you see in the sample published here, is very close to the image quality of the full frame 12Mp 5D.

I respect the result of the review and the person who did it. However I am of the impression that the reviewer did not take the necessary steps to exploit the camera's full potential. A top lens is needed. Also, it is needed to tace care to set the optimal exposure. It is obvious and logical that the noise performance can be the same or slightly lower than cameras with less MP. But you have the reward in terms of more resolution. Of course, if you test the camera with an average lens, you will see the negative sides but you will be unable to see the positive sides. The 50D is not a point and shoot camera, and neither it is an entry-level camera. It is a camera that requires some skills, mastering and competence. When the user does so, the camera delivers the expected good. The devotees of "fast and sloppy" (no derogation in the definition, sometimes I like to shoot that way myself) should look for a different camera, the 50D is not for them.

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