D300 Focus Observations Post Firmware 1.1

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BIF Settings

First off, I'd have to disagree that 51 pt non 3D doesn't work well for BIF....I have no negative issues at all with this unless there is a background or multiple targets in the scene...and this has made it a bit trickier post 1.1 and will get me to try 9 and 21 more often. If you're in open sky, even with clouds, it works just fine.

Typical settings....

AFC, 21 ior 51 pt (non 3D), single area dynamic (second option up) lock on set to SHORT if there are multiple targets or any type of background other than a blue sky.

AF always with the AF-On button.

I should note that unless I'm creating images of totally static subjects, I am always in AFC.

As far as Pictue mode stuff......I always shoot a NL flat curve and use a NearUniWB preset. I then convert to DXII Mode III in NX.

Keep in mind that while the NearUniWB preset will give you better exposure, it will also cost you some in shutter speed as more + EV compensation is required typically.

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