D300 Focus Observations Post Firmware 1.1

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Re: D300 Focus Observations Post Firmware 1.1

Has anyone else tried D300 + 1.10 firmware in with AF-C in (very) low light yet?

I've been having intermittent focus issues with my D300 for a while now but had held off putting it in for a warranty assessment because I thought maybe it was bad technique on my part.

My primary subjet is flying foxes (bats) which are annoyingly nocturnal so I'm always fighting with bad light. Generally I mount two flashes (an SB900 on the shoe and an SB800 fired wirelessly) which gives me a fair chance of a decent shot but it's still hard work.

Now is the prime time of year for me because it's maternity season but I've had to ditch the D300 completely in favour of my D200 because the D300 simply won't acquire the target fast enough for me to get a shot. Having installed 1.10, the situation is, if anything, a bit worse and sometimes the focus just keeps hunting without locking on at all. Under the same conditions (using 70-200VR/2.8 in both cases), the D200 is acquiring the target almost instantly. I've finally returned the body for a warranty check but I'm just wondering whether I'm expecting too much of it and it just so happens that I'm shooting in conditions that the D200 can hack but the D300 will struggle with.

This is off the D200. I simply can't get this off the D300 at the moment (and this isnt' a particularly low light shot). And yeah, I know the adults face ain't in focus

Oh and whilst I'm here, a mum & pup not in flight

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