Wildlife Photographer of the year - No Nikon D3?

Started Oct 30, 2008 | Discussions thread
Dan Desjardins Senior Member • Posts: 1,425
I mistrust what some photographers say they use...

I once got a book from Minolta with several photographers work in it. There was one photo I recognized from a magazine article from about 5 years prior. The photo in the book was taken with a Minolta 50mm MC Rokkor lens, in the magazine the same picture was taken with a Pentax SMC 50mm lens. Hmmm - looks like that photog collected from TWO sponsors...

Now - that said I don't think it makes any difference at all what the photographer used unless some special, and differentiating, feature made the photo possible. I suspect the photographers that can turn out that kind of quality work would have been able to do so with any decent camera.

It's not unlike showing a house built with a Stanly hammer as though it actually made a difference...


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