WL-FX9 and filters FIXED

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WL-FX9 and filters FIXED

I just got a WL-FX9 wide angle to go with my S602. But there is no thread at the front to fit a protective UV or skylight filter and no one on this forum has been able to help so it was time to do a little thinking.

The lens was supplied with a push on front lens cap, which is a very snug fit. Using a very sharp knife I cut out the centre portion of the cap leaving me with a flexible plastic ring.

I got a 72mm UV filter and using epoxy resin glued the filter thread into the plastic ring. The thread is a very tight fit and to stop the ring collapsing I needed a former of some sort. Using the wide-angle lens is not an option here, as you just can’t tell where the epoxy resin will end up. By chance the first thing I tried was a perfect fit. It’s a pen/pencil holder from Staples (in UK).

First put the ring over the former and hold it firmly in place with adhesive tape (I used decorators masking tape).

Apply the epoxy resin to the filter thread and carefully push the glued thread into the ring – this is when you find out why you used the sticky tape – it holds the ring in place when you force the filter thread into the ring.

Leave it until the resin has completely set before you remove the bonded filter/ring from the former.

Carefully remove any excess resin from your new creation.

Clean the front element of the lens and the inside face of the filter with a soft brush and gently push the ring/filter onto the front of the lens as far as it will go.

That’s it – you’re done. Now you can add a wide-angle lens hood and clip on lens cap. You can also add any other screw on filter that you care to choose or like me us a Cokin P series holder to use any square filter you want.

Sorry this has been a long post. I hope this helps those of you with the WL-FX9.

Happy snapping

John Payne

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