Poster prints such as Roman Johnston's

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Ok...what I do

Note: I process in ACR as 25.1MP not the native 12MP. After PP the shot, I uprez simpally by resizing to 30" x 45" at 240PPI....that simple...I then have my largest print ready to go.

I run the routine....usually the first one I bring down from 500 down to about 300-400 depending on the subject. and the next stoppig point is tweaked to taste...

Then after it is run, I select the top layer (not the layer mask) and do a smart sharpening at 60 and .6 And the check box checked at the just makes it kinda krunchy....perfect for printing.

I take the shot and shrink it down to web size (I do about 150PPI and 800x531 for normal aspect ratio shots) and do a smart sharpen with same figures above, but the first figure throttled dow to about 25 or 30 (instead of 60)

Thats about it.


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