White balance Q? PICS.

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Re: White balance Q? PICS.

geekus_maximus wrote:

White paper may not be the best tool for white balance purposes, but
it has only worked perfectly for me for the last 3 years.

… providing you have used the same brand and type of paper. A lot of newer copy machine type paper has blue-ing agents added to it. They make the paper appear “whiter” than it actually is. This could certainly affect you white balance. Gray cards are only a couple of dollars. It is well worth checking if it is the paper before losing the camera for a couple of weeks to have it looked at.

I will definitely try in the different picture styles to see if I get
different results. Really I want the one that "doesnt add anything"
and "keeps the colors true and accurate".... Whatever setting that
is, that is not "standard"

No, it is not standard. “Faithful” is the most faithful to natural colors.

Try this site: http://www.canon.co.jp/imaging/picturestyle/index.html

Brian A.

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