The Filters We Need With Digital...

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Jens, a bit about saturation...

JensR wrote:
Hi Ray!

Here is basically the same picture with and without the filter.

No PP except resizeing.

So. Which is which? The first shot is underexposed. The second shot
looks nice.

Personally, I'd call the second shot "overexposed", looking at the sky and the blown detail in the foam on the water. (hmmm, I can feel a song about nature photography coming... "Foam on the water, and fire in the skies")

But the yellow and brown seems more saturated in the
first one, although I find this a bit hard to judge with the
underexposure. However, as both seem to have the same exposure
settings and the filter swallows light, I'm guessing the first shot
is with filter. Not sure though that it is the better picture - at
least with the current exposure.

Ah, now when looking at the names, I see I was right.

I played with both images in post and when brightening the "with"
shot, it became a good bit clearer. I still preferred the "without"
shot. Adjusting the colours on the "without" to yield a warmer hue
gave something that was IMO at least as pleasing as the "with" shot.

If you warm the without shot all over, you're going to drive the green trees into a rather sickly yellow green.

If you selectively warm, then you have to ask yourself if you're "photographing" fall colors, or "painting" them. Of course, one may ask the same question when considering the use of the enhancing filter, but most of us old timers regard filters as "photography", even the weird filters...

YMMV, of course.

Of course. It would be a smaller and more boring world if it didn't.

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