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John, you've got the wrong filter...

John Sheehy wrote:

Ray Maines wrote:

I love the effect this filter has on red/brown/yellow colors. Now I
have to learn to use it. Learn to properly expose the photo etc.
etc, but I love it.

Thank you for taking the time and trouble to post all of this

This filter can be simulated in software. Just make a duplicate
layer in PS in "Normal" mode, run the "average" filter on it, and
blend the two layers to taste.

A quicker way is just to increase the output blackpoint in "Levels",
but then the added blanket of light will be grey and not
color-dependent upon the scene.

We're not talking about an added blanket of light. That's a "soft contrast" filter (in Tiffen parlance). The enhancing filter is a neodymium glass filter, it punches a bunch of holes in the spectrum, including one in a particular orange wavelength that happens to spike in many plant spectra, increasing the separation between red and yellow.

It screws around with observer metamerism, aside from making some similar colors "more different" to a human observer (or a camera), it makes some colors that would actually appear identical to each other appear different to a human (or a camera).

You can't duplicate that in PhotoShop, because the original image capture was a "many to one" process, many possible spectra would all lead to one color on the image. A PhotoShop operation to undo that is a "one to many" process: pick this orange tree and paint it red, pick another tree with a similar orange and paint it yellow.

The hard part is, after you've shot with the enhancing filter, coming up with a workflow that maps the sky back to a sky color, removes magenta tints from clouds, and still preserves the interesting effects of the neodymium filter.

Especially for me, because I was shooting last week with the original Howard G. Ross enhancing filter, which is a bit stronger than the Tiffen.

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