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Re: AF tracking

Jonson PL wrote:

Hi Walt, I’m in complete agreement with your post. And you seem to
have done your homework, and know of the findings over the years on
the forum.


I would say that the Z-1P did good when it came to AF. I read
somewhere that it might have been somewhat improved over the Z-1

Yeah, I've read that as well.

The K10 performed well in AF-S, but not in AF-C. Surprisingly the K20
did a big jump in AF-C, through the tweaked AF performance and better
AF algorithm.
In the K-m, they should have worked on the AF as well. And the K30
coming next summer, should have a new AF system.
Whether they will bring some of the features that you mention, will
remain to be seen. I can have my doubts, as though some of them are
good, they belong in D3 model or comparable, (e.g. possibility to set
AF-C to focus priority like the D3 instead of it only being a shutter
priority system), in the big brands. Hence why I still feel that
Pentax should bring out a top K2 DSLR, this would be in the 1.800 –
2.000 $ range.

I was reading the nikon D90 and D60 manual and they both have some of the features I mentioned. For example the D60 has closest subject priority but not the focus priority in afc nor no mention of the colour or contrast tracking., However it does say it has a setting where the user chooses the focus point and if the subject moves off that point then it will use the other focus points to track the subject.

The D90 mentions that in its afa (auto selects between af.s and af.c dependant on subject motion) it uses focus priority release, it also mentions af tracking by colours.

So although perhaps a D300 or D3 would be needed to fully customise the af tracking ability even some of the lower order nikon's seem (if I am correct) to have some customisation available.

It made me realise that there isn't really any distinctions between base and top models within pentax with respect to how you can use your af. Although I note that they have now dropped some features for the k-m! Oh goody. (However I am hopeful that the tweaked af algorithm and wide setting may help with moving subjects).

I think if there was some af customisation available higher up the range it may make me think about a need to upgrade as I can't see a real need to upgrade at this point. I upgraded from my pentax super A to the Z1 because I wanted matrix metering (not for AF), perhaps that is why I haven't felt a need to upgrade yet even though the K20D is dropping like a stone in price lately, I don't feel I need what it's got! C'mon pentax temp me....:-)

I did a thread for people to come with input, for a top model K5 D
Pentax :

Just read that, well skimmed some of it, it's a long thread with some good ideas and some ideas I don't even understand (stop-down coupling?)!
Edit: I think I've just worked out what stop-down coupling might be....

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