RAW in D-lux4 and Lx3

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The RAW data isn´t the same either, or better they are tagged different. So the LX3 files aren´t recognized by C1. SilkyPix works with both camera's files, but I like C1 more here, even when SilkyPix can correct CA and purple fringing what only can be done with C1 Pro for extra cash :-(.

Today I made a test with a friend who bought the LX3 because he wanted to save some money. Wrong way, or perhaps only a bad copy. The LX3 performed less good in regards of sharpness and had problems with trees against the bright sky (effects like purple fringing). The Leica performed much better. Need to say that we only used JPEG for the tests.

But this was the same I found with my C-LUX2 and the FX30 (which is the base for the C-LUX2). The C-LUX was also somewhat better than the Panasonic.

Seems that Leica really does some Firmware tuning and perhaps has less tolerances with their camera's lenses.


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