The End of Viewing Distance

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The End of Viewing Distance

AKA my Road Trip to view Laurence Matson's Photography Exhibit

Tonight was the opening night and reception for Laurence Matson's "The End of Viewing Distance" gallery exhibition! Yes, his very first exhibit (excluding Photokinas of course!).

The Gilded Edge is a small gallery and custom frame shop in Hanover, New Hampshire. Mr. Matson's amazing photographs will be on display for the month of November 2008, along with a terrific selection of artist-selected images for purchase. The walls are filled with some incredible images captured and printed by Laurence using a variety of Sigma SD cameras and Sigma EX lenses.

From 5pm to 7pm tonight, a reception was held in the college town of Hanover, NH (down the street from Dartmouth College). The town has that typical college town energy, with lots of independent shops, university students from all walks of life, and the added excitement of a hotly contested presidential race while early voting was in full swing. Banner waving campaign volunteers lined the streets, cars were honking their support, and the weather couldn't be beat! Clear and cold, perfect weather for photography - or for a gallery reception.

Lots of local traffic mingled with invited guests, all while taking in the walls covered with Laurence's photographs. The gallery owners were serving refreshments, and after a time, Laurence called the small crowd to attention. He told the story of how he had been tasked with overcoming the preconceived notion of 'viewing distance' with the goal of 1" inspection of large public prints. After much trial and error, the winning formula was achieved. Then Laurence told of how he marveled while observing the trade show crowds being pulled in to the photos, and how they were stunned by the amount of details up close. From single frame, high resolution, large printed images to multi-image panorama photographs that tell multiple stories in the same photo, Laurence continues to pull the viewer in for a closer look with his special skill for capturing - and displaying - the light. The End of Viewing Distance!

Then he introduced Dick Lyon, one of the Foveon Chip creators, and spoke fondly of Dick Merrill, who's absence was tangible while his spirit was present. Dick L. retold the story of how he and Laurence met, and their resulting friendship. Here are a few photos from the event for your viewing pleasure:

A beautiful day for a drive. Only 224 miles to go...

A good amount of people came to view the photographs. I like how in this photo, you can see one couple on the left ignoring the old rules of 'viewing distance'. They are really pulled in. In the middle, you can see another two people looking at a different photograph from a distance to see the big picture. And then the 3rd solo viewer, looking at the same huge panorama and seeing altogether different details. Makes me want to get a big Epson, some Ultra Chrome Inks, and some long rolls of Hahnemuhle. And a better tripod, and some more lenses.... OK, here's the pic:

The Artisté

For me, it was great fun to catch up with Laurence, and to see his newest creations up close and personal. It seems the older I get, the more questions I have... and LM was gracious enough to spend some time recounting both artistic and technical aspects of his terrific photographs (location details, the lenses used, which camera, how many individual images, tripod/head setup, etc)

The images invite the viewer to get up close. When one guest commented that should could barely discern two skiers in an Alps Panorama, she laughed when I made the toungue-in-cheek suggestion that maybe the photographs could be printed larger.

Dick L., LM, and the Gallery Owner

If you are in the Dartmouth College / Hanover, New Hampshire area, be sure to stop by The Gilded Edge at 35 South Main Street in Hanover. Phone: 603.643.2884

And remember that when you purchase one of Laurence's photographs, the shop owner is an artist in his own right when it comes to custom frames.

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