D90 - MC-DC2 modification! -> for 2.5mm connectors...instructions...

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Ari Aikomus
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D90 - MC-DC2 modification! -> for 2.5mm connectors...instructions...

Heh...Happy Halloween Nikon...(although this isn't Halloween trick really ;-D)

I like very much my Nikon D90 camera, but I didn't like so much Nikon's decision to made this new connector's type for it...quite frustrating, you know (what about all kind of nice remote timer/intervalometer shutter units, radio controlled wireless remote devices etc. All of them are available for D80/D200/D200/Canon/Pentax...But not for D90, because of this damn unique connector!)

So - I bought Nikon's overpriced MC-DC2 remote cord unit for D90 and made some modifications to it...In other words: Cut its cable off, and soldered 2.5mm stereo jack/plug connectors between cable!

(example Pentax DSLRs and Canon EOS 300D, 350D, 400D, 450D/XSi, 1000D, EOS Elan II/IIE, Elan 7/7E, Elan 7n/7ne, Digital Rebel, Rebel Ti, 2000, G, GII, X, XS, IX/IX Lite, EOS 30/33, 50, 500N, 500, 5000, 300, 300V, 3000N, 3000... USE THIS 2.5mm connector type)

Now I can use example these cheap but very well working (I had these with my pentax K20D camera) remote units with my D90:




Here are my "very" quick modification/wiring instructions, if you are interested:

(picture above: these "remote device inside" and "connector" terms means of course Nikon's MC-DC2 unit and its connector)

(picture above: "green text for MC-DC2 cable's wiring" mean colours of wires inside MC-DC2 cable and where you must solder them on 2.5mm plug/jack connectors - NOTE -> you will find also red wire inside this cable, but it's additional wire without any function !)

Meaning of wires inside MC-DC2's cable:

  • Black wire (also cable's sleeve) = "ground" of MC-DC2 wiring

  • Green wire = AF

  • White wire = Shutter

...when you short circuit black&green wires, camera will autofocus, and when you short circuit black, green & white wires, camera's shutter operate.



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