Some info on the 24 MP Nikon - from a Sony engineer

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Re: expensive strategy

headofdestiny wrote:

ACR/Lightroom is commonly know to be lackluster at high ISO with
A700/A900 files compared to other converters like Raw Developer,
Aperture, Bibble, Capture One, etc. You'll notice that every
rebuttal to the A900's high ISO noise is done by users of anything
other than Adobe. Unfortunately, Adobe and Sony just don't seem to
mix well with RAW conversion.

I have a suspicion (and this might be corrected by those who know something about it) that Adobe's raw conversion is not brand neutral, as supposed by DPR, amongst others. I suspect it tries to mimic the camera suppliers preferred style of conversion, and in Sony's case, that is not a good move. I think there's a good argument for comparisons between brands which claim to be about sensor quality to be done with open source conversion software, then it's known quite clearly which algorithms are being applied, for better or worse.

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