Some info on the 24 MP Nikon - from a Sony engineer

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Re: Let's make it

It is not all about megapixels. If it were, the simple action of matching the Canon and Sony would suffice.

Nikon is about superior quality. It's over all image quality (not megapixels) "right now" is superior to the others with the D3/D700 sensor.

When the high res Nikon model arrives, it will do so in the same fashion and be better because of Nikon's committment to "not" simply match megapixels.
That action gets no one anywhere and would be easy to do.

Those of us who clearly see this difference that sets Nikon apart from the rest, are more than willing to wait for the same type of development in the next pro model.

Bottom line, you cannot match prices across the board in such a manner. Again, not all about megapixels.

Also FWIW, no one else has yet matched the sensor capability and image output of the D3/D700. More megapixels didn't do it.

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