S100fs blurred photo's help

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Let me see ...

... I have many times stated that the S100fs will display CA at some focal lengths.

I have stated that this issue is fixable. I have also stated that 'green tinged' CA is more difficult to remove.

I have stated that, if shooting Raw, S7 Raw has a wonderful CA remover.

I have stated that at ISO1600 that the images are reasonable - Mind you, never excellent.

I have frequently stated that the lens is crisp, and clear, across all focal lengths.

I have also stated that the S100fs is very versatile.

I have never equated high ISO usage as being a strength.

After 7,000+ images, if it were a 'lemon' I would be scrapping it. I scrapped my 20D after much less ! By the way, never have shed a tear over that decision.

I find the S100fs more and more useable and versatile, the more I use it.

By the way, I have also stated that it is not perfect, but I am very happy with it.

Funny, I use it, and am happy with it !

Where did I go wrong ?
Rgds, Dave.
Have fun - take lotsa pix.

S100fs Examples - http://www.pixplanet.biz/Posting-stuff_5.htm

Post processing (PP) Tips - http://www.pixplanet.biz/Posting-stuff_7.htm

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