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Re: Let's make it

nickram wrote:

Thom, are you making a case for or against the possibility that Nikon
is working on an MF hybrid instead of a high MP 35mm?

At the risk of repeating myself, I don't think that Nikon can do a larger format INSTEAD of more pixels with FX, that would cause too much of a flap amongst users. But they could do both a high megapixel FX body and a MF body.

Here's another, MF is about bit depth,
putting 2 chips together does not create greater bit depth.

You need to look at how Dalsa makes MF sensors ; ) They put two chips together.

Usable bit depth is determined by several things, most notably well size, read noise, and ADC accuracy. The 39mp+ MF bodies actually have smaller well sizes than the D3 does.

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