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Re: One, two... a brand new stooge

Greg Photo Sydney wrote:

Just to put the record straight, because while this guy claims to be
a brilliant photographer - he obviously can't read (not the first).

No need to exaggerate. He reads just fine, as do we all.

Prime posted the wedding shots (that are the butt of this latest
poster's scorn) to illustrate the fact that at his son's wedding, a
'pro' was on a assignment. Blind Freddy can see that the shots posted
are outtakes illustrating his more important point.

I've seen this excuse crop up before ... the term "outtakes" is an excuse and nothing more. In a heated argument (what other kind do we have on this forum?), people post what they think is good enough to make the point while avoiding negative commentary, which dilutes the point. Most people post their best work. And that's a real problem in this case ...

Which surely is: the 'pro' was so confident of his skills that he
brought TWO assistants along to help out.

Real pros have assistants because they carry a lot of equipment. I did not have an assistant at the wedding I shot and was forced to carry all the equipment I needed around my neck. I could hardly walk at the end of 12 plus hours.

I would say this pro was pretty smart.

Prime pointed out that despite the 'pro' fire power, the happy couple
actually said the proud father of the groom made the best shots.

Yeah ... sure. Easy to say when nothing is posted by example.

This is not surprising. Any competent photographer that has personal
knowledge of the couple is going to creme the efforts of 99% of
'pros' at a wedding.

Not likely. What is possible is that the father of the bride knew who to capture because of meaningfulness of the relationship. That's a far cry from what you are implying. And by the way ... if the "pro" was not given that info, then there was not much of a contest, was there?

These people mostly treat this genre like a sausage factory, churning
out an endless stream of banal, predictable copies of every other
wedding shot we'd love to forget. I can't think of any couple I know
who have been genuinely excited about the results. Mostly it's a case
of post-nuptial pictorial depression.

That is quite true. Yet the good ones turn out imagery that will blow your mind. And it is true that some of them will use the Canon G9 or G10 when necessary (caught in a situation where they have only a compact on them) ... but the S100fs is too big to fill that role. If they are willing to carry that cam with the bracket and flash, they might as well carry the real deal.

I suspect that Prime could have repeated his triumph just using Mick
Steven's toy Casio, let alone needing the S100fs.

Nothing posted here suggested a triumph of any sort. If prime would like to post a link to his wedding gallery, we can all debate the nature of this "triumph" ... especially if we get to compare it against the pro's work.

Just when we thought the Nikon ninjas were running out of steam!

And you know what ... we all own Fuji cameras too

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