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Re: Ted ...

Lloydy wrote:

tdkd13 wrote:

Who are the detractors ? Those who do not use it, or have not figured
out how to use it.

For the sake of completeness you should add in the 113 review sites
that said at least one "detractive" statement.
Are you so naive as to assume that the only people who say bad things
about this camera have not used it or are not using it right? A
rather oversimplified approach to things dont you think? I know it
helps your world view to simply lump anyone who has said anything bad
about the S100 into a group as its easier to discredit a group than
to actually speak to any real facts, but it really does give the
impression that you have a rather tenuous hold on reality.

... I admit I have not read all reviews. Rather, I am using and
exploring the S100fs strengths.

Are you not finding ANY weaknesses then? You certainly seem to be implying that.

Tenuous hold on reality ? I know it delivers and extremely well.

The hold on reality comment has nothing at all to do with the cameras abilities. In the context it was written it's quite plain what I was attempting to say. I will reiterate here in case it is still unclear to you. What I mean is that it seems you cannot accept a single negative comment about this camera without clasifying the commentor into the group of nefarious bullies or the uneducated. The simple fact that you made the comment that the only detractors are those that never used the camera or those that dont know how to, points to the tenuousness of your grasp.

So, at the end of the day (throwaway statement) is that statement
above, or below, the belt ? Is it slandering, demeaning, belittling,
or a statement of fact ?

It is an opinion, which is the case with most other statements in this forum. It is neither intended to be above or below the belt, simply a statement of opinion.

Sound bullying to me and certainly does you no favours.

Yes, this doesnt surprise me in the least. Ever read the boy that cried wolfe?

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