S100fs blurred photo's help

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Cut out the salient parts, Hey ...

... Kim you are always entertaining. Your headlines would sell papers, but the next day folk would feel extremely cheated.

You 'nip and tuck' to suit.

What I said was :

"... When so much 'flak' is in the air, it can be very difficult to decide what is worth - Or no.

I note, the flak comes from those who are non-users and the 'how do you fix' comes from those who use the camera regularly. Surprising ??

Ultimately, the OP has to decide 'how' to listen. Difficult choice. Comes down to two choices really.

1. I don't use the camera but I am an expert - Believe me, I know this camera's failings inside out.

2. I have the camera and have found this is the way to fix it's shortcomings. It's not perfect, but there are workarounds. I don't consider that it has failngs. Rather, I look at it's strengths.

Shame really, no-one seems particularly interested in what the OP's issue is, rather in how 'big' their answer is.

As they say in Thai - Khun Ham Chak Wao ! "

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