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Re: Ted ...

one note ....

Lloydy wrote:

... Common ground ? I would not call it that.

I will state the S100fs delivers. Is it perfect ? No.


Is it better than a whole lot of other proffered solutions ? Yes.


Am I happy with it ? Yes.

Goes without saying.

Are the vast majority of users happy with it ? Yes.

Agreed, but then the same can be said of almost every single camera on every single forum.

Does it have detractors ? Yes.

Nice choice of words as detractors has that ring of maiciousness to it, it helps further you and Greg's conspiracy theory.

Who are the detractors ? Those who do not use it, or have not figured
out how to use it.

For the sake of completeness you should add in the 113 review sites that said at least one "detractive" statement.

Are you so naive as to assume that the only people who say bad things about this camera have not used it or are not using it right? A rather oversimplified approach to things dont you think? I know it helps your world view to simply lump anyone who has said anything bad about the S100 into a group as its easier to discredit a group than to actually speak to any real facts, but it really does give the impression that you have a rather tenuous hold on reality.

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