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Re: Ted ...

Lloydy wrote:

... Common ground ? I would not call it that.

I will state the S100fs delivers. Is it perfect ? No.

Is it better than a whole lot of other proffered solutions ? Yes.

No. Not for weddings. Which was the subject that got your knickers twisted.

You use Malinda's example as the poster images on which you take your stand (I admit that they are far better than the samples prime posted) ...

But I'm sure even Malinda would be quite clear that the camera did an "acceptable" job under much less trying circumstances than a wedding for pay.

You can't stretch the meaning of Malinda's success any further than that ... it does not automatically make the camera appropriate to shoot weddings. And certainly cannot make it "better" than the other options.

Am I happy with it ? Yes.


Are the vast majority of users happy with it ? Yes.

No ... some of the people who post here are not happy with it. That's why they ask about issues like CA and blur. Some of the users have quite publicly gotten rid of it.

You would be more accurate to say "Are the people who regularly post positive things about the camera happy with it?"

Does it have detractors ? Yes.

No. There are people on this site who are not blinded by carnal love for the camera. And if you will be honest with yourself for even a moment ... we only point out flaws when they are posted. Either as technically poor images or as hyperbole that demands an answer.

No one randomly posts bad things about the camera.

Who are the detractors ? Those who do not use it, or have not figured
out how to use it.

This is just baloney.

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