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Re: Dave ...

comments in text.

Lloydy wrote:

... I stated before, that from the 'small' samples available, I do
not know what the issue is. Therefore, I cannot begin to entertain an

So you have nothing helpful to offer but decry other posts as being unhelpful. Again, the OP can read what is said and decide what is helpful to him. If it turns out the most helpful advice he gets is sell that camera on eBay and buy a different one then at least he has a direction. That is better than offering up nothing at all but complaining that no one else is.

CA/PF - Been done to death. The S100fs has examples of this at
certain focal lengths. It is fixable. Mind you, I could throw a dozen
examples of other camera/lens combinations which do also.

Which would be helpful how?

Soft - Never experienced it. I guess this is where I cannot help.

Surely you must have some ideas.

Maybe you can ?

Certainly Dave, let me take it from here. Put the d@mn camera on a tripod, shoot a scene with a decent amount of detail and use as many different settings as you can think of, take notes as to what you did in each shot. Go back to your computer and see what worked and what didnt. Then decide if you can live with the results or have gotten a bad camera.

Quite simple really. It is entirely possible you have a bad copy since most folks are getting sharp images at most focal lengths. However at wide angles expect some edge blurring and color fringing, that likely wont go away with a new copy.
(glad to help)

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