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Kim Letkeman
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bold-faced lie ...

Lloydy wrote:

... When so much 'flak' is in the air, it can be very difficult to
decide what is worth - Or no.

I note, the flak comes from those who are non-users and the 'how do
you fix' comes from those who use the camera regularly. Surprising ??

You lie ...

The majority of th "flak" comes from you and people like ron_m lately. Constant nasty name calling, ridiculing, and as Ted says: pithy one-liners. The majority of your posts in these threads are avoidance based attack posts.

1. I don't use the camera but I am an expert - Believe me, I know
this camera's failings inside out.

Don't be a fool ... of course someone can know that camera's potential without owning it. Small sensor, basic flash interface, bad RAW format. Kind of conatrsins what one can do under pressure.

2. I have the camera and have found this is the way to fix it's
shortcomings. It's not perfect, but there are workarounds. I don't
consider that it has failngs. Rather, I look at it's strengths.

Uh huh ... it has many strengths. But these do not play well to the needs of a wedding photographer.

In this forum ... pushing small sensor cams has always been about stretching them past their limits to show what can be done.

Since your arrival, a few people have tried to suggest that this cam has the ability to perform in professional endeavors for which it is clearly not designed.

Shame really, no-one seems particularly interested in what the OP's
issue is, rather in how 'big' their answer is.

This is stunningly disingenuous coming from you ....

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