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Re: Dave ...

Lloydy wrote:

... We may be on opposite sides of the world, but I find no harmony
whatsoever with most of what Kim posts.

I have stated before - And I'll state again, that I am no technical
expert. I do know what my camera will deliver and I am constantly
dismayed that other's tell me that it cannot.

Be honest with yourself Dave, when has someone told you that your camera cannot do a good job. I say this because one thing I have noticed about you, is you have trouble seeing any good in something which might contain a shred of bad. Let me be clear here, I wil use an example, the review of the S100fs on this site was quite good, they said a lot of glowing things about this camera and have for the most part crowned it king of the bridge cams etc. Yet you saw it as wholly negative and I believe you even mentioned that you didnt read it ONLY after spending a week claiming how innaccurate it was. You went on for quite some time about how bad the review was and how you disagree with it completely, yet at that time you hadn't actually read it. Another example, in many posts I would go on for 6 paragraphs about the positives of this camera and would then throw in a one sentence caveat about the lens or the price and you would wholly discredit my point as if the previous 6 paragraphs didnt exist. I think you are not capable of looking at a group of statements and seeing the whole message. Of course these are just my opinions but I think I am being pretty accurate here. Agree - Disagree? I do not really care either.

Agree - Disagree ? I do not really care.

However, to disagree for the sake of disagreeing, or from not
knowing, is simply and utterly stupid.

I'm glad you can actually see the stupidity of your actions then, It's nice we can finally find some common ground.

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