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C'mon Dave, you have used the camera, its plain that his problem is caused by a few different things. 1) He is using an S100fs which will exhibit a large degree of CA/PF especially at wide angles. 2) He is using auto and has not yet dialed in his camera to do so with any great degree of confidence. 3) Some overexposure which causes even more green fringing and purple fringing which is evident in the hose in the shot titled fujitest, the hose itself is overexposed so the fringing is exagerated around the clipped highlights.

I would have expected you to offer at least some quick tips on how best to test the camera. But I guess you have been busy adding all this valuable content to the forum so haven't yet had time.

Lloydy wrote:

... Don't pass the buck.

Simply, can you work it out by what has been posted ? Well, neither
can I. I would have commented on this further, but the examples given
do not warrant exploration.

Do I know what this particular problem is ? No. Neither do you.
Rgds, Dave.
Have fun - take lotsa pix.

S100fs Examples - http://www.pixplanet.biz/Posting-stuff_5.htm

Post processing (PP) Tips - http://www.pixplanet.biz/Posting-stuff_7.htm

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