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Re: By the way ...

comments in text

Lloydy wrote:

... When something is stated in a 'pithy' manner, or in a way that
could be interpreted in a dozen different ways, how do you expect the
OP (or anyone else) to assimilate the statement to what is being
discussed ?

As for the original posters ability to find nuggetts of information amidst all the discussion, I trust that MOST people astute enough to find their way here are adept enough to sift their way through what is being said and find value somewhere. When discussing complex ideas and technical issues, they will have to either keep up or get out of the way. If someone is unclear on something they can simply ask follow up questions and it can be clarified.

Frankly, whilst I do respect your technical expertise, I find it very
dismaying that you wish to 'shirt tail' with those who wish to 'p* s
on the parade', simply to 'p
s on the parade'.

Fair enough Dave, however take care whose shirtails your jumping on my friend. When I agree with someone it is because I think they are correct, not out of some alliance. Let's be frank here, you are obviously talking about Kim so let me be clear here. I do not know Kim, never met him, but often agree with him because quite frankly he is usually correct. He does the research, does the testing, posts supporting evidence and uses solid fundementals of logic in his argument constructions. When information is conveyed in that way it is quite simple for the astute reader to discern who is being objective and who is being subjective.

When you do, your expertise takes a gutter turn.

Not familiar with the term, but I think its safe to assume its not a good thing in your mind.

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