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Re: Ted ...

Same Ted as the last 6 years, if you see that as a bully fine, yet I can count on ONE HAND the number of times you have found one of my facts to be untrue and I would need a calculator to do the same for you.

Funny how you only see the bullies as the ones you disagree with, when they agree with you but use the EXACT same tactics as these aledged bullies, you hop in with both feet and happily agree never once commenting on the presentation. You know this is true, you aren't that simpleminded, why not just come out and say so.

If you want to scream "bully" and be taken seriously, you have to scream bully whenever you see it not just whenever it is convenient for your point.
(forum bully since 2002)

Lloydy wrote:

... New Ted, Old Ted ?

You are really missing the point. If you wish to be another forum
bully - So be it. I do not shrink from anything I say.
Rgds, Dave.
Have fun - take lotsa pix.

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