S100fs blurred photo's help

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By the way ...

... When something is stated in a 'pithy' manner, or in a way that could be interpreted in a dozen different ways, how do you expect the OP (or anyone else) to assimilate the statement to what is being discussed ?

Frankly, whilst I do respect your technical expertise, I find it very dismaying that you wish to 'shirt tail' with those who wish to 'p* s on the parade', simply to 'p s on the parade'.

When you do, your expertise takes a gutter turn.
Rgds, Dave.
Have fun - take lotsa pix.

S100fs Examples - http://www.pixplanet.biz/Posting-stuff_5.htm

Post processing (PP) Tips - http://www.pixplanet.biz/Posting-stuff_7.htm

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