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Re: Dave ....

Lets see now, Greg calls anyone who disagrees with his view of the world a turkey, a stooge and several other names and you happily agree with him. So what exactly is sad about my post. Greg gets as Greg gives, simple as that. Find a flaw in my facts and call me on it and I will discuss that as long as you care to.
How is anything in the post you are commenting on bullying?

Dave, if you want to be the forum good guy, you really will have to be objective. Your current role here is more like the nattily attired pro wresters corner man who acts all prim and proper and such but when the referee isn't looking clubs the other guy with his cane or pokes him in the eyes.

If you think I was deriding Greg, what was Greg if not more derisive to begin with. Yet you jumped right on board with him and called me a bully. Par for the course for you Dave.

Lloydy wrote:

... Very sad !

You are coming across as a forum bully again. Realistically, what is
you point ?

You stated that your derision filter is on, and all. Are you deriding
Gregs post ? Are you deriding all s!00fs users ?

Be specific. That's what you claim to be - A fact driven person.

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