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Re: Hmmmmm ........

Comments in text, for any good it will do.

Greg Photo Sydney wrote:

So here we go, the latest in the turkey parade of non-S100fs users
handing down wisdom from the lofty perspective of his Nikon 1.4, 50mm.

Read on sport, you will see a couple of the turkeys you mention are actually S100fs users and owners, but dont let that spoil it for you, you seem to have worked out your childish banter already so you may as well post it.

We've read it all before, Sunshine.

Just to put the record straight, because while this guy claims to be
a brilliant photographer - he obviously can't read (not the first).

Prime posted the wedding shots (that are the butt of this latest
poster's scorn) to illustrate the fact that at his son's wedding, a
'pro' was on a assignment. Blind Freddy can see that the shots posted
are outtakes illustrating his more important point.

Agree with you here, it was plain to me that was what prime was doing.

Which surely is: the 'pro' was so confident of his skills that he
brought TWO assistants along to help out.

Not sure what this comment is about but let me reread it with my derision filter engaged. Oh, I see, your contention is a good photographer with a good camera would not need assistants. I hope you approach all aspects of your life with this same idea. A good surgeon with decent tools shouldnt need two assistants, right?

Prime pointed out that despite the 'pro' fire power, the happy couple
actually said the proud father of the groom made the best shots.

And regardless of what he turned into them, you think they would have said anything different?

This is not surprising. Any competent photographer that has personal
knowledge of the couple is going to creme the efforts of 99% of
'pros' at a wedding.

Somewhat agree, the personal touch is a huge factor here.

These people mostly treat this genre like a sausage factory, churning
out an endless stream of banal, predictable copies of every other
wedding shot we'd love to forget. I can't think of any couple I know
who have been genuinely excited about the results. Mostly it's a case
of post-nuptial pictorial depression.

Ahhh so you must have shot a few weddings. I can see why YOU might have that feeling, very perceptive of you.

I suspect that Prime could have repeated his triumph just using Mick
Steven's toy Casio, let alone needing the S100fs.

Just when we thought the Nikon ninjas were running out of steam!

It always help when you dont have much of an argument to classify your oponents as a cabal or nefarious group, that way the conspiracy card can be played when your arguments fall flat, which is almost always with you. Nicely done.

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