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Re: Just gonna throw in a couple cents...

Lloydy wrote:

... How does this help the OP ?

You have a point here, but then not every post anyone around here does is designed to help and that includes you Dave. How many pithy one liners have you tossed out? That said I can see where your going here.

Kim, remember Malinda's wedding images ? With a little preparation
and some good advice, much of which came from you re: fill-flash, she
turned in a very good effort.

Agreed again, Malinda did a decent job and I'm sure Prime has some better shots as it seemed obvious he was simply posting shots in which you could see the pro's in action.

It's not to say that the S100fs is the perfect wedding camera, but
used properly it can turn in very good results.

Same can be said of any camera, wedding images are as much about subject and composition than anything else. A point and shoot when used right can get some excellant images, albeit somewhat constrained to images with infinite DOF.

To 'armchair wrestle' over this point is in no way constructive.

Armchair wresttle? Seemed it was more a simple discussion to me.

Take care, Ted

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