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Iliah Borg wrote:

All things considered is also taking into account that 1mm shake for
some pixel density does not affect next pixel while it does affect it
for a different pixel density. This is especially important for
Bayer-type sensors.

Some think only theoretically. In practice it becomes quickly evident that larger formats are less sensitive to sharpness issues.

When I bought my first FF (the EOS 5d) I discovered - despite almost the same weight - that I could go down to 1/90 or even 1/60th without big problems with a normal zoom. On the Mamiya ZD (which I tried out once) I shot quite slow (around 1/100th) handheld and got an incredibly sharp and detailed file. Lens was a 200USD manual Mamiya lens.

On the other hand both the 1ds Mark III and also the other 2 new 20+MP DSLRs show that without a tripod and the very best lenses the resolution advantage compared to 12MP cameras will be small to zero.

It may be a combination of several factors: Lens resolution issues, camera shake, per pixel quality of the sensor etc.

But it is real.


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