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You have proven Mark Twin correct

amc123 wrote:

Not much, it appears. You should have followed Mark Twain's advice: "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt."

Had you actually read the words of the posting to which you purport to reply, you should have known that the images that I posted in the earlier message in this thread were the only four snapshots that I recorded that afternoon that happened to include the professional photographers. Those were not the "keeper photos" of the wedding; and, as throwaways, I did not apply PP (even cropping) to those photos. I did not post the snapshots to invite critical comments on their photographic quality but (as the post directly noted) to illustrate the pro photographers. You completely missed the point of the post.

If you're having this much trouble outside in good light what happens
indoors in poor lighting when the art of using a flash or multiple
flashes comes into play and inside the church were you can't use

Here is what happens:

Malinda is a better photographer than I am, undoubtedly. I think she did a super job. (In that same thread, I happened to post three or four of the wedding photos that I took.)

Photo 1....Totally out of focus

I am not sure that is true. The first photo was the middle (-2/3 EV) of three frames in bracketed exposure mode; the photographer does not appear at all in the first or third, indicating that he was moving laterally pretty quickly. Motion blur may have been a greater factor.

Two main subjects cut in half.

Wrong. The photographer was the subject, not the bride and groom. When I wanted the bride and groom as the main subjects, they looked like this:

(I shall comment on the tree between them in another post.)

Photo 2....Foreground subjects in heavy shadow and totally unbalanced
with the reflected light coming off the ocean.
Photo 3....Ocean in background blown out.

The bride and groom chose to schedule their wedding on the west coast of Maui in early September late in the afternoon. They were blessed with a bright, sunny day. When you face the ocean (west) in that situation, you will get a lot of reflection. The ocean was not the subject; the photographers were the subjects; the second photo therefore underexposed the foreground, and I adjusted the framing for the third so that the exposure would be more appropriate for the subjects.

Subjects left and right cut in half again. Also subjects cropped through a
joint ie elbow or knee

Nor were the groom and Hawaiian dude the subjects: in the uncropped images, they provide only context for the photographers who were the subjects. These were candid, not posed subjects, and one of them was moving rapidly: he is at the far right in the second photo, on the far left in the third taken six seconds later. I did not have the option to swim out in the ocean and capture the subjects from the other side.

Looks like the guy on the right has a decent Canon slr and L glass. Is he a guest !

Obviously not a guest, as explained in the post that you failed to read; but you chose not to allow your ignorance of the content to inhibit your misdirected criticism.

You see Prime I also make money from photography

Don't give up your day job.

You have broken all the basic rules of photography here with
your composition and also not being able to realise how strong
backlit situations affect the foreground

Unfortunately, I misplaced the rheostat that God provided to turn down the reflections from the ocean, so had to make do by trying to expose for the non-ocean parts.

I'm sorry to be so brutal but you did ask for it.

You really did not read my post, did you? Your criticism was not "brutal" except to yourself; it was of the insert-foot-in-mouth variety.

I'll just stick to what I know and have learnt in 25 years of film
and digital.

Apparently you have not learned the No. 1 rule: know what the subject is and work with the subject. The tool is important only to the extent that it brings out the subject.

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