Some info on the 24 MP Nikon - from a Sony engineer

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I guess A900 IS much more than a sensor

Event_shooter wrote:

There's a WHOLE lot more behind a great camera other that a great
sensor, or body, or lens, or feel, or price etc. It all has to work
perfectly and Nikon does that better than anyone. CAnon is still
playing catch up with Nikon, as all the others are, Sony will take
another 50 years before they are there.

Sorry, but this is a typical fanboi statement.

Yes a camera is much more than just a sensor, like: a solid built, at least basically sealed body with the biggest and brightest possible viewfinder. Sony A900 has it, it also makes every single lens a stabilized lens - something Nikon and Canon still have to do. The colour output I have seen from the FF Sony is nicer and more filmlike than anything I know from Canon and NIkon. I like that a lot....

High ISO may be worse than the 1ds Mk III and, but let's first wait for the high rez Nikon and the 5d Mk II, and, BTW, it always amazes me to see more and more people who seem to judge a camera solely on extreme ISO performance.

I still shoot 95% of my pics at ISO400 and lower. And I don't want to fool around with video at all.

So from my standpoint, having seen some of the better samples from the A900 in full rez, I am quite impressed indeed!


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