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Re: Close up photos from S100 and Cheap Casio purple fringing on Fuji!

mick stevens wrote:

Ok all, sorry about the name change, more on this further down

Here is are few close up parts from the earlier photos.


What really annoys me is the fact the cheap Casio EZ850 has taken
better photo's
The Fuji photo's def show the purple fringing in the left hand part
of the photo, it also shows in the top trees right hand photo how
blurred everything is.

I would like other S100 owners to check see if thay have the same
problem, because at the moment, if I was going to take a camera out
with me, it would be my cheap old Casio EZ850 which really has me
shaking my head while writing that last bit.

Sorry to have to break the bad news Mick, but that is par for the course with the S100fs. The topic has been the subject of regular forum wars for the past 6 months or so but the bottom line is that in high contrast images, you are gonna get purple and green all over the place and for the next 6 months you have to avoid the bare branches with birds on etc. Most of it is fixable, even those who claim that it is not a problem use stuff like PF killer to get rid of it. You need to be more creative to cure the green/purple on that hose and, of course, the cure softens the images. The amount of work involved depends on the imporance of the image, but I now find myself avoiding those pictures altogether or using a different tool.

All cameras are not created equal, each has its weak and strong points and in a lot of circumstances, the S100fs is a very good tool. It is a great walk around camera where capturing the moment is more important than ultimate image quality and the lens range allows you to capture an awful lot on otherwise missable moments. Moments you would miss with the casio. However, it is that self same lens range that compromises the ultimate image quality. It is the best in its class, it is just that its class is not one of the higher ones.

That you see better results from the casio is not surprising but you are comparing a camera with a 3 x zoom to one with a 14 x zoom. There are less compromises with 3x lens. Also, the smaller sensor will give a greater depth of field for the same aperture so you will find that it is almost impossible to get the casio out of focus if your technique is good.

The casio is also aimed at a largely non-post processing audience so needs to be sharp right from the camera. Tha S100fs is aimed at a group of people who want more from their camera and are probably more content with some pp. The in-camera settings are also more customisable so you can increase the sharpness etc to your own requirements.

But you will not get rid of the unwanted colour fringing. For that you will need to pp.

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